Stack of Cocina Fresca Salsa

Let’s start

from the beginning.

For the Sands family, Cocina Fresca Salsa is a true labor of love. We have been making salsa for almost 40 years and for the past decade have put our passion for salsa into crafting and developing Cocina Fresca Salsa into the freshest available. And we should know as we’re rooted in San Antonio where people know a thing or two or three about salsa.


From our kitchen to yours we hope you love eating Cocina Fresca Salsa just as much as we love making it.

Fresh Salsa Just Tastes Best

It starts with real ingredients.

Our commitment to you is to only use the freshest ingredients because fresh just tastes better. Fresh means keeping the vegetables firm and crisp by never cooking them. It means keeping the flavor of the vegetables true by never adding preservatives or artificial flavors, and it means letting the true red of the tomato shine through by never adding colors or dyes.

Our salsa consists of only freshly chopped vegetables, blended with our special recipe of garlic, cilantro and seasoning. Nothing more.

The Secret Behind


How are we able to keep Cocina Fresca Salsa free of preservatives, added colors, and artificial flavors?

The secret is a process called high-pressure processing that consists of sealing our salsa in its final water-resistant packaging. Then, the packages are subjected to high-pressure cold water that is dispersed at a rate of 87,000 pounds per square inch, the equivalent of submerging something to an ocean depth of 37 miles. Doing so kills bacteria, viruses, yeast, molds, parasites, and any other nasty stuff. And because it is never cooked or heated our fresh salsas can last up to 120 days in your refrigerator before opening.

That’s why you’ll find Cocina Fresca Salsa only in the produce or deli sections of your local grocery store.