Salsa for Brains: Halloween Inspiration
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Salsa for Brains: Halloween Inspiration

Prep Time: 15 minutes // Cook Time: 0 minutes

Servings: 4-6

Oh no, look out this guy’s brains are showing and they’re made of…salsa?! That’s not so bad after all. We guarantee there won’t be any left by the end of the night. This is a family fun recipe even the kids can help with.

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  1. Take lid off salsa and use to trace on top of pumpkin.
  2. Cut hole in the top of pumpkin. No need to gut this pumpkin.
  3. Draw scared face on pumpkin. We like him looking up at his exposed "brains", but you can draw whatever face you would like.
  4. Place Cocina Fresca container into pumpkin. Add chips and serve!