Individual 7 Layer Salsa and Bean Dip

These individual 7 layer salsa bean dip appetizers are a score on game day. Perfect to grab and go, this delicious combo is a genius upgrade to a traditionally large dish. One of the great things about this recipe is it is as easy as it is customizable. So if you’re looking for a favorite to steal the show, here it is!

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Guacamole Fresca | Cocina Fresca Salsa

Guacamole Fresca

Like trying it for the first time all over again, freshen up any Guacamole with your favorite Cocina Fresca Salsa. Your Guac will thank you.

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Baked Fajita Layered Dip | Cocina Fresca Salsa

The Cibolo Creek Baked Layered Dip

Deep southwest flavor with that Cocina Fresca touch, our dip that has them saying “wow” after first bite… and the second.

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Fresca Bloody Mary

A brunch time classic receives a Cocina Fresca upgrade of flavor and zest you didn’t know you needed until you’ve had it.

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Deviled Eggs | Cocina Fresca Salsa

Salsa Deviled Eggs

Freshen up your hors d’oeuvres with a festive addition to your line-up of crowd pleasers.

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Fresca Hot Wings | Cocina Fresca Salsa

Fresca Hot Wings

You’ve never had wings like these. Cocina Fresca Salsa gives this game day staple a special zing.

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Zesty Meatballs | Cocina Fresca Salsa

Zesty Tangy Meatballs

An aromatic and flavorful combination of sweet and savory, these meatballs are a great appetizer or main course.

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Creamy Salsa Dip

Here’s a tasty recipe big on flavor and perfect as a salad dressing or quick snack before any meal.

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Quick and Easy Nachos

These quick and easy nachos are a crowd pleaser and the perfect snack for picky kids!

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