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Sweet Onion

Our tears, your joy. Freshly chopped sweet onions, diced tomatoes and cilantro make this mild but robust salsa a family favorite.

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Not too hot. Not too mild. Fresh jalapeño peppers deliver the perfect balance of heat and sublime.

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Born in the Sierra Mountains of Mexico, fresh serrano peppers turn the heat up a notch without scorching the tonsils.

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The audacious heat of fresh habaneros complemented (but never tamed) by tomatoes, chopped onions, and all-natural ingredients.

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Mass production has its place.

Just not in our salsas.

True to our roots, we small batch process to ensure each container of salsa is perfection. We seal in freshness using our own cold pressure packaging system. Call it an obsession, but when you’re as passionate as we are about doing the fresh part right, you don’t mind dealing with a little extra logistics, such as keeping your salsas refrigerated. But that’s a small price to pay for a product that’s so deliciously good (and good for you) that folks have actually proposed marriage to it. Look for Cocina Fresca Salsas in the refrigerated produce or deli department of your grocery store and begin your own fresh obsession.

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