Not too hot. Not too mild. Fresh jalapeño peppers deliver the perfect balance of heat and savory.

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Born in the Sierra Mountains of Mexico, fresh serrano peppers turn the heat up a notch without scorching the tonsils.

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The audacious heat of fresh habaneros complemented (but never tamed) by tomatoes, chopped onions, and all-natural ingredients.

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Sweet Onion

Our tears, your joy. Freshly chopped sweet onions, diced tomatoes and cilantro make this mild but robust salsa a family favorite.

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There is the easy way to do things and then there is the Fresca Way. It takes a little more time to do things the Fresca Way but at Cocina Fresca we believe great salsa is worth it.

The Fresca Way means paying attention to what we put in our salsa like only using freshly chopped never cooked vegetables including crisp green bell peppers, onions with a little bite, and the right pepper for the right heat level, all mixed with firm red tomatoes that are never too watery.

Just as important as what’s inside our salsa is what’s not. The Fresca Way means no preservatives, added colors, or artificial flavors.

Sure we could do things the easy way, but you deserve the Fresca Way.

Find us in the produce or deli sections of your grocery store and experience the Fresca Way yourself.

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