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The Cocina Fresca Story

Come into our kitchen and learn more about Cocina Fresca. To say that salsa is in our DNA might not be too big of a statement. SimplyFresco, LLC was founded in 2005 with one idea – make great tasting, good for you salsa. We know that good flavor comes from fresh ingredients and made-from-scratch salsa. We wanted every package of our salsa to taste like our Aunt Maria walked into your kitchen and made you her secret recipe salsa with just-picked ingredients from her garden.

So we pioneered the effort to produce the very best refrigerated HPP (High Pressure Processed) salsa available on the retail market so that everyone could have our best tasting, authentic salsa in their refrigerator.

The SimplyFresco, LLC Family Grows

In 2010, the Sands family, a longstanding San Antonio family, with extensive experience in the industry, joined SimplyFresco, LLC. With their heritage rooted in the salsa business, the Sands family brought SimplyFresco, LLC’s journey to make the best tasting salsa available to a whole new level.

With new ideas we still stayed true to our original roots – make great, good for you salsa – and, with the Sands family on board, we put our over 100 years of collective knowledge to work towards the goal of making our salsa even better.

Our Authentic Fresh Salsa

You might not have noticed but we have an obsession with freshness and taste.

In 2012, we launched our new Cocina Fresca Cantina Style line to the retail market. Our line of salsas is dedicated to authentic flavor that comes from picking ingredients that deliver the perfect balance of peppers, onions and tomato flavors. Everything you read on our labels is straightforward with no mysterious unpronounceable ingredients – a product we are pretty proud to deliver to our customers.

Our Cocina Fresca Cantina Style line currently includes Mild Jalapeño, Medium Serrano, Medium-Hot Habanero, and Mild Sweet Onion.

Every Cocina Fresca salsa starts with the freshest produce, washed, chopped and blended before they are packaged using cold high-pressure technology to lock in all the yummy goodness. Flavor changes when you cook and add preservatives. Raw salsas have a bright explosive flavor, setting off a fireworks of taste on your tongue. When you cook it dims these flavors. It also breaks down important nutrients that you only get from fresh produce – things like Vitamin C and Potassium.

Our process ensures phenomenal taste while forgoing any need for preservatives or additives. And it locks in those important nutrients. Want to know how? We get pretty excited about this stuff. Beware – science ahead!

The Science Behind Our Salsa

In order to deliver salsa with all-natural freshness, rich taste, and high product safety, SimplyFresco, LLC uses High Pressure Processing (HPP) as the foundation for its production. Developed by NASA, this technology is revolutionizing how we deliver safe, fresh foods to customers.

SimplyFresco, LLC’s investment in HPP allows us to produce a line of products that retain their fresh taste, bright colors, crisp texture, and healthy nutrients. We were trailblazers in applying this technology to salsa. Being Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified as an HPP Processor, we are able to deliver to you the very highest of quality and safest products to consume in your home.

High-pressure processing involves first sealing the salsa in its final water-resistant packaging. We know that packaging isn’t that exciting but it is the flexible packaging that allows our salsas to go through the next stage and where the magic happens. In the HPP chamber, our freshly packaged salsas are subjected to cold high-pressure technology that is dispersed to the tune of 87,000 pounds per square inch. That is the equivalent of submerging an object to an ocean depth of 37 miles. Pretty cool, huh?

This pressure kills bacteria, viruses, yeast, molds, parasites, and any other nasty stuff, which ensures food safety while extending shelf life. And because it is not a heat treatment, cold high-pressure processing preserves the texture, taste and quality nutrients of our salsas without sacrificing shelf-life. Our product’s shelf-life is 120 days from date of manufacture without any use of preservatives, additives or heat processing – a technology breakthrough! Which is why you’ll find them only in the refrigerated produce or deli section of the store.

Your Fresh Salsa Obsession

We small-batch process our salsas so we can ensure that each container of fresh salsa has the perfect blend of flavor. We might be a little controlling but, from the reaction our customers are having, we think it is worth the extra work. In fact, it is so good, some folks have actually proposed marriage to it.

Go beyond the chip and dip go-to — there are limitless ways you can take your Cocina Fresca salsa obsession to new heights. Pick your favorite flavor and add to your burgers, salads, guacamole, chili and more. We have lots of recipes! And as a low-calorie food, you can snack and experiment guilt-free.

Today, our line continues to grow strong as we reach more and more customers. If you haven’t tried it yet you can search for a location near you to pick some up. We know that once you taste it, you will love it!