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Spooky Season Party Hacks

How’s this for scary?

You volunteered to host months ago and not a single preparation has been made. Nobody has a costume, no candy has been bought, and there isn’t a single clean room in the house. The kids’ Halloween party is tomorrow night and you’re wondering if spider webs are more or less spooky when real.

Decorations aside, your house will be filled with little vampires and witches come All Hallows’ Eve. The most feared sugar rush of the year is coming and your party needs all the food and activities you can think of. Come Friday, the other parents will thank you for a quiet ride home and the smoothest bed-time they’ve had in months.

With these Halloween party ideas, the scariest part of the night will be clean-up. Just make sure you get the webs while you’re at it… Now read on for spooky season hacks done the Cocina Fresca way.

Go Bats For Simple Recipes

Small bites or chips and dip make it far easier to nail down a variety of eats. There’s already so much to juggle when people are visiting your home and you’re feeding all of them, too. Take it easy on yourself and keep party-goers entertained with an app that makes prep a part of the fun.

Dracula Dip

  • Start with your favorite dip or scoop-worthy side and use a red bowl for added effect. Cocina Fresca Sweet Onion is a great choice for the werewolf pups and parents.
  • Bat shaped cookie cutters let everyone join the fun, bring a few extra just in case. Corn tortillas are perfect for stamping and make easy handling.
  • Lay small stacks on a plate for each trick-or-treater before they return for the night. With paws washed, bat making begins and also lets parents give candy a once-over.
  • The tortilla bats will be ready to serve by the time candy is all gone 🧛

Pumpkin Guts

  • Miniature pumpkins are versatile and just as cute when turned zombie.
  • Get creative and draw a face on each pumpkin. Don’t be afraid to have fun!
  • Dish your pumpkins to fright and delight.


Cocina Fresca has you covered with our very own Guacamole Fresca or Easy Cheesy Queso recipes. Each can be ready within minutes, giving you more time for other party needs.

Halloween is among the most creative days of the year. Take advantage with party grub that looks exciting and surprising while needing little to no cooking time.

Stuffed Jack o’ Lantern

  • Pick 4 – 5 orange bell peppers and pimiento cheese of choice. Thick stuffing prevents oozing for a cleaner, cuter look.
  • Bake peppers just long enough to make firm and darken the color slightly.
  • Scoop out seeds and membranes before outlining your design. Watch out for ink smearing on the inside of the pepper when cutting.
  • Easier and faster than carving a pumpkin, the hardest part will be deciding the face.
  • Stuff each pepper with the pimiento cheese and serve with pita crackers and celery


The best part about Halloween food is that any meal can receive a twist that makes it even more special. Give the kids a pre-party surprise by turning his or her usual ham and cheese sandwich into a jack o’ lantern. Simplicity can make a giant difference.

“Ice is in the Mummy!”

Setting the scene for your party is sometimes just as fun as the party itself. Think outside the box to imagine how any party staple can become Halloween décor. Bring the family together tonight for some fun upgrades to what you have set-up.

The kids never get tired of Halloween decorations and, better yet, your creativity deserves time to shine. An ice chest in the middle of the kitchen can become a mummy-wrapped tub, saving space and making it easier for guests to grab drinks.

Via HGTV and Miss Mustard Seed


Share Creativity. Invite Creativity

Creating the Halloween party overnight? Check.
Pick up Susie’s Wonder Woman costume? Oh no…

There’s no way the Elsa dress fits any more so a DIY costume is the only option. Creativity goes a long way so, we share our favorite homemade costumes for inspiration, just in case 😉

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